Thats me, Donald Moore, in the middle.Between Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. What a sandwich! The 2 coolest guys ever. Your probably wondering why I'm selling off this great stuff. Most of it is doubles, I've been collecting since 1963, when I was 17,"... .It was a very good year." Recently I sold my 2 restaraunts, and thats where most of this was displayed. I've got lots. All prices are marked, but hey make me an offer. I've got more in common wit Dino (hic)than just liking Frank (hic)Give it a shot. Better yet, give me a shot! Oh yea, I'm still collecting. So, if you are intrested in selling or trading.Please, contact me, you know what to "...do,be,do,be DO! All stuff sent USPO or UPS., insured. Thanks for looking, ENJOY and CIAO! DONALDMOORE I NOW OFFER VIDEO E-MAIL TO SHOW YOU MORE DETAIL OF THE ITEM THAT YOU ARE INTERESTED IN. SO PLEASE FEEL FREE TO INQUIRE ABOUT THIS NEW SERVICE.