WE'RE TALKEN' EVERY SINGLE ONE, BABY!Thats right! Every album, 45, 78, and 33lp that was commercially released in the US, by Frank......is in this collection. Every label, Bluebird, Columbia, Victor, Capital, and Reprise. All releases from 1939 thru the final studio release of LA is My Lady! All except one. The BRUNSWICK one.(AVAILABLE SEPERATLY ON THIS SITE) This is a "RARE" opportunity to have probably, one of the only collections of this kind. This is not my collection I am selling for a retired record industry exec in Vegas. Also available are complete collections of all releases by Bing Crosby, Perry Como, Fred Astaire, and others. You get the picture, this guy LOVED the industry and the careers of the last of the great entertainers. His entire collection was appraised at over $300,000. He will break up by entertainer only! But will NOT break up within the collection of said entertainer.
    $25,000.00 $9,900.00 On Sale!
    SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GREAT BUY!!!!!!There are just too many to list on the computer, please contact me for a list and I will fax it to you, along with the appraisal of the collection. This price includes shipping from Vegas to North America only.NOTE: ALL RECORDS ARE IN LIKE NEW CONDITION, EVEN THE PUPIES FROM THE 40"S!*******CLICK FOR MORE INFO***************
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