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Welcome to DEANS and FRANKS.This is just as much of a shrine as it is a shop site. I truely feel that these two guys defined an era. Not only as entertainers, but of "totally" cool attitude. Never to be duplicated! It is now time to pass on some of my collection to the "next" generation of FANS. We are constantly adding more and more products and rarities, so keep coming back to check out what's new.You can choose from almost 700 items in more than 65 different categories. Even if your not buying, check it out! JUST CLICK ON "ANY" CATEGORY HEADING and ENJOY THE RIDE!!!

If you have a specific product request, or if you have something you would like to sell please fax us at 610.399.5317 or e-mail and we will do our best to assist you. We are always looking for any FRANK, DEAN, or RAT PACK items to list.

NOW OFFERING VIDEO E-MAIL TO BETTER SHOW THE ITEM YOU ARE INTERESTED IN.PLEASE FEEL FREE TO REQUEST THIS SERVICE. AGAIN, THANKS FOR LOOKING!All 2,500 of you a day!!! Did you hear that Nancy, 2,500 a day. HE STILL RULES! I'm totally blown away at the response and e-mails from all of the fans. Cent' anni!