$85.00 $55.00 On Sale!
From that special evening at the Star's Dessert Inn Casino. These decks were never opened. Only a few cases were ordered for that night, and most were put into play the punched and sold. All the decks I offer are still sealed and rare and very collectable. Choice of red or blue.I only have a few decks left.*******************CLICK FOR CLOSE UP*****************
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77bdcoin.jpg FRANKS "77" BIRTHDAY COIN
This rare "GIFT COIN" was given out at the 77th birthday "bash" for Frank at the famous Vegas casino, Stars' Dessert Inn. I have seen these sell for alot more than this at auction. Pair this up with the 77th birthday cards also available on this site.
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1puouchcoin.jpg FRANKS "77" BIRTHDAY COIN W/POUCH
As you know, the coin is rare..And, with the black velvet pouch, itis even rearer.
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177lshirt.jpg "77" BIRTHDAY SHIRT
SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THE ONLY 1 I HAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This was also a limited printing for that special performance...Less than 200 were given out to VIP guests. This size WOMANS Large black shirt has never been worn.
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77dealerbut.jpg STARS' DEALER PIN
SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GONE!!!!!!!!!![18]This 3" white, pin back 'dealer pin' was produced just for that special engagement to celebrate his 77th birthday. Like new and would look great mounted with any other celebration items from that great celebration.(LAST 1)
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70aptshot.jpg '77 BIRTHDAY SHOT GLASS
$175.00 $145.00 On Sale!
This RARE shot glass is a dark amber with gold lettering. These were ginen to hi rollers on that special 77 birthday engagement.
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85-77.jpg '77 Birthday Party ASH TRAY
$195.00 $150.00 On Sale!
Really RARE ashtray from the "77" th birthday party. FLAWLESS
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